St louis mo sex offenders

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The city of St. Henry believes the public sex offender registry — the database allows anyone to see offenders' mugshots and addresses, not just law enforcement — should be abolished.

St louis mo sex offenders

Yet the audit found that warrants have not been issued for 91 percent of non-compliant offenders. E-mail the author at Danny. So-called Tier III offenders — those convicted of the most serious crimes — must provide local law enforcement with that information every 90 days.

St louis mo sex offenders

St louis mo sex offenders

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  1. The audit found that of the city's 1, registered sex offenders, are non-compliant, a rate of

  2. Henry's own organization once used the addresses listed on the Missouri Highway Patrol database to send mailers to individual offenders.

  3. Henry knows the impact of Missouri's registry first-hand. In reality, though, the subject of sex offender recidivism is contentious, and even U.