Society for sex therapy and research

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In general, however, the sexual medicine ap- proach and practitioners appear to be inclusive and accepting of sex therapy. The early behavior therapy movement generally welcomed the Masters and Johnson type of sex therapy and attempted to integrate it as a kind of behavior therapy Eysenck,

Society for sex therapy and research

Our preliminary sociohistorical analysis of the development of sex therapy suggests such special circum- stances. This special- ization focus also helps to perpetuate societal discomfort with sexuality.

Society for sex therapy and research

Society for sex therapy and research

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  1. Endurance typically requires substance and we have some substantive questions about whether sex therapy is best served by its current distinction as a special type of therapy. By the early s, a small but increasing number of urologists interested in the biological bases of erection and ejaculation sought research and clinical collaboration with sex therapists.

  2. On the negative side, it can breed a general relinquishing of responsibility by non-specialists and tunnel vision in those who claim to be the experts.

  3. My success with clients comes from the client and my ability to facilitate understanding of how they came to be at the place they are with themselves and their sexual functioning. More often than not, there is much more going on and many factors contributing to their issue or concern.