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Child Sex Ratio for the Bering as per census is , lower than Sikkim average of Schedule Tribe ST constitutes Bhat, P N Mari

Sikkim sex

The proportion of male in- migrants has always been higher than the women, although between and a decline was recorded from 61 per cent in to 57 per cent in Ibid However, amidst such positive changes, akin to the many parts of the world, still women are deprived from many social inequalities in counterpart of their men. Population[ edit ] The population of this village is 1, male:

Sikkim sex

Sikkim sex

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  1. With this perspective an attempt has been made in this paper to analyze the distorted sex ratio in the state which really becomes an issue of serious concern. Sikkim Development Report prepared by Planning Commission, Government of India contend that unlike many other Indian states, particularly in the northern India, the sex ratio in the age group of is relatively high females per males in Sikkim.

  2. Women in Sikkim enjoy many freedoms and have recorded significant gains in human development. Domination of ethnic Nepalese where culture is mildly patriarchal and of Buddhist Lepchas and Bhutias makes it less of a tribal breed than other north- eastern states.