Signs youre a monarch sex slave

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The Nazis continued their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret underground military bases. Lady Gaga appears while they sexually molest toy firearms in Japanese flag inspired costume.

Signs youre a monarch sex slave

The best therapists will quietly admit that traditional therapy is inadequate. It is a well-known fact, that areas of the brain grow according to how much stimulation and use that area of the brain receives. If you can manipulate his behavior, then you can make him your slave.

Signs youre a monarch sex slave

Signs youre a monarch sex slave

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  1. The Monarch program is based upon Illuminati and Nazi goals to create a Master race in part through genetics.

  2. And certainly paranoia is considered a symptom of insanity. Experiments involving violent electroshocks, physical and mental torture and abuse were used in a systematic matter on many subjects, including children.