Signs of being sexually abused

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These crimes can have a serious impact of the life and development of a child, and can continue to impact the survivor later in life. Child Maltreatment Survey,

Signs of being sexually abused

Spotting signs of child sexual abuse One in 20 children in the UK will experience child sexual abuse. Some signs are easier to spot than others. Here are the signs to be aware of and what to do if you suspect a child is being sexually abused.

Signs of being sexually abused

Signs of being sexually abused

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  1. Emotional Signs These are some emotional signs that could indicate a problem, including the possibility of sexual abuse:

  2. Sexual abuse can cause serious physical and emotional harm to children both in the short term and the long term.

  3. Changes in behaviour — a child may start being aggressive, withdrawn, clingy, have difficulties sleeping or start wetting the bed.