Should same sex marriages be legal

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Virginia in , in which the Supreme Court of the United States struck down all state bans on inter-racial marriage , issued a statement on the 40th anniversary of the ruling in which she expressed her support for same-sex marriage and described it as a civil right akin to inter-racial marriage, stating that "I believe all Americans, no matter their race, no matter their sex, no matter their sexual orientation, should have that same freedom to marry". The White House , illuminated in rainbow colors, on the evening of the Obergefell ruling, June 26,

Should same sex marriages be legal

Before legalization in the United States, homosexual couples had no hospital visitation rights. Bush and his wife former First Lady Barbara Bush have served as witnesses to a same-sex wedding, but neither has publicly stated whether this means they support same-sex marriage in general; [52] George W.

Should same sex marriages be legal

Should same sex marriages be legal

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  1. Opponents of same-sex marriage often argue that children raised in same-sex households perform worse on a variety of life outcome measures when compared to those raised in a heterosexual household. Inclusion positively affects well-being while exclusion hurts it.

  2. Widescale research suggests that members of the LGBTQ community generally experience worse mental health outcomes than their heterosexual counterparts.

  3. Ultimately, I think the Equal Protection Clause does guarantee same-sex marriage in all fifty states.

  4. Same sex couples often turn to adoption since having a child of their own can be costly. In addition, homosexuality should be legal in terms of marriage because it refreshes the meaning of marriage.