Sexual sensitive parts of a woman

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Extensive neurological testing of such sensations as touch and pain sensitivity failed to reveal any differences in those with and without foreskins. It needs some explaining why cutting part of the penis off could make it easier to achieve or maintain an erection, but no explanation is forthcoming.

Sexual sensitive parts of a woman

I closed one eye, then the other, then looked with both eyes again, and the steering wheel looked different. They were playing with their much more sensitive foreskins but Masters and Johnson failed to notice that. With active penile thrusting, the clitoral body is pulled downward toward the pudendum [Masters and Johnson define the "pudendum" as "the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, and the vestibule of the vagina".

Sexual sensitive parts of a woman

Sexual sensitive parts of a woman

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  1. When their adult brains were examined, sensory maps of the brain surface showed extensive encroachment of the areas responding to sound and touch into areas that, in a sighted animal, would respond only to light.

  2. We may speculate that the portion of the sensory region of the brain that was expecting signals from the foreskin is colonised by nerves from adjacent areas, such as the glans, with the result that the glans of an infant-circumcised man becomes erogenous in a way that the glans of an intact man does not.

  3. Newly circumcised men are advised to wear loose clothing - none if this is practicable. In principle, this should be more closely related to actual sexual function.