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As of January , the video has over million views on YouTube. You should therefore use some form of contraceptive protection.


Since they mark the break-down of your uterus lining and the expulsion of an egg from your body, many people think periods provide a safe window for unprotected sex. The tablet contains a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone, which stops your uterus lining from breaking down and thus delays your period.



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  1. Visit Our Online Period Delay Clinic Combined contraceptives It is perfectly safe to start a second monthly course of the combined contraceptive pill immediately after finishing your first as a means of delaying your period.

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  3. Your bleed is not the same as a normal period, but is a simulation of it. Unprotected sex during your bleed on the pill Provided you take your combined contraceptive pill exactly as prescribed, you can safely have unprotected sex at any point, including your bleed.

  4. However, you should start your next pack as soon as your bleed has ended, as otherwise breakthrough ovulation could occur.