Sex withholding sex grounds for divorce

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What I would tell such a Christian couple is that they have a problem. Nonetheless, affairs can occur regardless of whether there is loving happening at home or not. Being held hostage in a sexless marriage is, to some, nothing short of torture.

Sex withholding sex grounds for divorce

That is why it is so heinous when the marriage is defiled by adultery as it is a defacing of the most beautiful relationship between Creator and Creation—i. This is contrary to Scripture I Corinthians 7: Christ and His Church.

Sex withholding sex grounds for divorce

Sex withholding sex grounds for divorce

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  1. Christ and His Church. He rebukes such thinking pointing out how foolish it is to leave a partner so vulnerable to sexual temptation.

  2. More and more couples are choosing open marriages-- that is, marriages in which they spouses agree that being sexual with someone outside the marriage is okay. In the recently published, "Marriage Confidential: