Sex with wife has become boring

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Make sure that you and your husband have affectionate moments throughout the day. When having sex with your husband starts to feel boring and more like a chore than a reward, some kind of action must be taken.

Sex with wife has become boring

When your intimacy no longer feels pleasurable, chances are that he's caught onto this, but he just doesn't know what to do about it so he's opted not to care. If you find sex with your husband to be boring, it's likely that he's not viewing the intimacy as it should be viewed in a healthy sexual relationship either.

Sex with wife has become boring

Sex with wife has become boring

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  1. You never thought you and your partner would become one of those couples that has to schedule in sex. Strong communication is vital in any relationship.

  2. Splurge on new sheets. When you think back on your sexual encounters as a couple, what really got you going?