Sex with boys in the netherlands

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The latter was increased to 15 in However, there is a close-in-age exemption of three years.

Sex with boys in the netherlands

Last December, an official investigation by Wim Deetman, a former Dutch minister, received 1, reports of sexual abuse by clergy or volunteers within Dutch Catholic dioceses in the period since Denmark[ edit ] The age of consent in the Kingdom of Denmark is 15 [21] as specified by Section In , under pressure from the EU [17] the parliament finally ended the disparate provisions and changed the age of consent to 17 for both heterosexual and homosexual acts, under the revised Criminal Code.

Sex with boys in the netherlands

Sex with boys in the netherlands

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  1. Section came into force when homosexuality between males became legal in West German law makers also saw the need for gender- and sexual-orientation-neutrality, and for rebalancing sexual self-determination with the protection of minors.