Sex traffickers jailed in uk 2008

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Kosovan Martin Doci, 29, received 11 years for controlling child prostitution and trafficking the teenager within the UK. One, Turkish-born Ali Arslan, was also involved in the plight of a second victim. They were forced to change their focus or end their branches completely.

Sex traffickers jailed in uk 2008

In , the UK government launched Pentameter II , a large-scale operation aimed at rescuing victims, disrupting trafficking networks, developing intelligence, and raising public awareness. The maximum jail sentence for a human trafficking violation is 14 years, but this amount of time is usually not threatening to traffickers because of their financial benefits. Anti-trafficking campaigners said correctional facilities must do more to prioritise the safety and protection of inmates and ensure staff understand the vulnerability of their institutions to human trafficking.

Sex traffickers jailed in uk 2008

Sex traffickers jailed in uk 2008

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  1. These acts allowed for women to be isolated in military stations across England and Ireland if they were believed to be involved in forms of prostitution. Some of these include drugging them, removing documentation, preventing the victims from learning the language , isolation, moving them from place to place, threatening them, and accommodating them in a way that they will become homeless if they leave.