Sex toys to feminize him

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Finally, I begged Sir Peter to come remove the lock from my testicles. What I do remember is waking up in my bed the next morning with my toenails painted all my body hair shaved off and a padlock locked securely around my testicles. These people must realize that words themselves can function as sex toys.

Sex toys to feminize him

Little did I know, but Sir Peter used my internet connection to contact other men who showed up at my apartment and fucked me throughout that fateful night. When I arrive home, I am given 15 minutes to shave, get naked or in complete drag and and ready to accept whoever shows up at my apartment.

Sex toys to feminize him

Sex toys to feminize him

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But I'll up discussing those fetishes for another day. Why a guy would humanity to be misunderstood into a budding is another question.

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  1. He and I talked for quite some time, and plied with a few drinks, I opened my heart to him and told him all my dirty little fantasies.

  2. In fact, I find it quite annoying when people assume that I want to feminize every male I meet. Add my detailed instructions on how to suck a real cock and descriptions of what his life is going to be like from now on as one of my sissy sluts and I'll have him turned into a puddle of subby goo.

  3. In fact, I find it quite annoying when people assume that I want to feminize every male I meet. So, that weekend I met Sir Peter in a local cafe where it was safe.