Sex tourism and business tourism

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According to Travel Weekly, some airlines, hotels, and travel agencies are working with various government agencies to stop trafficking [ 47 ]. We see them on the beach.

Sex tourism and business tourism

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Sex tourism and business tourism

Sex tourism and business tourism

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  1. Thus I offer an alternative view of sexual tourism, suggesting that government officials actually support it because it helps to bring prosperity and economic wealth into an otherwise poor country.

  2. The number of travelers is expected to grow and expand into new destinations throughout the globe each year. Furthermore, data oftentimes is either unreliable or incomplete, and at the global and regional levels, detailed data are simply not available [ 39 ].

  3. Most exploitation of children takes place as a result of their absorption into the adult sex trade where they are exploited by local people and sex tourists. In the following analysis, while avoiding claims of sexual tourism being either good or bad, I examine the reasons a country might be supportive of such tourism, or at least not actively oppose it by making adult prostitution illegal.

  4. According to Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, the special representative for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, awareness of human trafficking has increased, but at the same time trafficking has increased as well [ 46 ].