Sex registeries and the unfairness

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Megan's Law showed no demonstrable effect in reducing sexual re-offenses. Lindsay chose not to press charges against Griffin.

Sex registeries and the unfairness

Repeated and false reports to police regarding sex offenders living in a residential area [21] Posting public signs drawing attention to a registered offender's address or otherwise advertising to others where the registered offender lives Verbal threats either in person or through the phone or e-mail [22] Repeated acts of trespassing or deliberately damaging property belonging to the registered sex offender [23] Physical assault Murder Among the most serious crimes against registered offenders include the case of Patrick Drum, who shot and killed two men in because they were listed on the state of Washington's sex offender registry. Rather than try to effect a change in federal law or prescribe punishments federally, it would be better to focus federal resources on the greatest dangers. Those people don't scare me around my children.

Sex registeries and the unfairness

Sex registeries and the unfairness

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  1. But, overtaxed by the need to monitor California's more than 83, registered sex offenders, officials never performed the thorough search of his house that would have located Dugard. There's no boogeyman in there" or, if you will, flipping on the lights to offer assurance that the "monster" in the corner is actually just a lamp that made some mistakes when it was younger and means no harm.

  2. The literature does show overwhelming evidence of large costs to neighbors in the form of reduced real-estate prices.

  3. Whatever the case, pedophiles exist, molest thousands of children each year, and pose a clear and present danger to society. A person who sexually gropes a stranger once has done something wrong and perhaps traumatizing, but he does not pose the same public danger as a murderer, who is not required to notify his neighbors of his prior conviction.

  4. Daniel Dreifuss Frank Lindsay, 62, is a father, small-business owner and avid surfer. Jay Nixon, an opponent of loosening sex-offender registry rules, joins local law enforcement officials to discuss the importance of sustaining his veto of a state bill that would remove hundreds of sex offenders from public sex offender websites.