Sex positions the rocking recliner

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These cross leg braces form the supporting structure for the stabilizing platform The seat 8 is connected to a vertical seat support Each arcuate leg rises approximately 3 feet 4 inches from the floor.

Sex positions the rocking recliner

Since the physical activity may create a distraction, the addition of the stabilizing platform greatly enhances the safety and usefulness of the device. The woman lies back and steadies her weight with her arms, which should rest near the knees or shins of her lover.

Sex positions the rocking recliner

Sex positions the rocking recliner

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  1. These end caps provide better stability for the apparatus and also close off the tubular cross section of the arcuate-shaped legs.

  2. The rear legs 33 may include the upper handrail support 11 as shown. In addition, this stabilizing platform adds the dimension of mobility to the apparatus since either participant is no longer bound to stay in contact with slender rails or footrests.