Sex partner man has bad knees

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Take it from Shakira -- your hips don't lie when they're in pain, so help them out. For example, you can take a bath to help relax your joints or take painkillers before sex. It's time for the Best Post Contest!

Sex partner man has bad knees

You laying down on your back on an elevated surface, like the bed, will achieve a similar result, only possibly without the ability for him to lean. Just try things out and see what feels best for him.

Sex partner man has bad knees

Sex partner man has bad knees

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  1. We're communicative, somewhat adventurous but not really kinky, but in general he's always enjoyed being a little more in control: Long story short, maintenance sex matters.

  2. I can blame some of it on heredity mom and big bro have bad knees too. Focus on relaxation, sensation and what you find attractive about your partner, rather than personal insecurities, says Fleming.