Sex offenders in decatur ga

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Like other states, Georgia makes information such as the sex offender search page and bi-monthly map showing dots marking the homes of sex offenders available and easily accessible for the public. Sexually dangerous predator — means a sexual offender: The sexual offender must report in person to the Sheriff of the county of residence within 72 hours of re-locating to the State of Georgia.

Sex offenders in decatur ga

Keep all records of sexual offenders in a secure facility. Users can enter any address in the county and see real-time information on the publishable offenders within the specified radius of the address entered. For example, the rules about crimes against minors changed in June

Sex offenders in decatur ga

Sex offenders in decatur ga

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  1. Persons previously convicted of a criminal offense against a minor and may be released from prison or placed on parole, supervised release, or probation on or after July 1,