Sex offender zone law california

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The case was filed in Orange County. However, the reality is that we have approximately 4, known sex registrants in our county at any point in time. Parolees must find their own housing and have it approved.

Sex offender zone law california

To be assessed for SVP commitment, an inmate must have a serious sex crime with one victim and a diagnosed mental disorder to go through the SVP evaluation process. A small class of persons with minor sex crimes i. Cities need to acknowledge that their ability to address sex offenders is limited, and the state and federal government have important roles to play in regulating sex offenders.

Sex offender zone law california

Sex offender zone law california

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  1. The offenders allege that this restriction effectively bans them from living in the city. The appellate court gave a great discourse on what the constitutional guaranty of equal protection means and how a state can defend unequal treatment in a statute, depending upon the circumstances.

  2. San Diego State Parole and San Diego County Probation have specialized sex offender supervision officers for those on probation and parole.