Sex offender registry tompkins county ny

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I learned there are currently 22 registered Level 3 sex offenders in Tompkins County. New York has the fifth highest number of registered sex offenders in the nation March figures , with 20, registered. For one of Lansing's two sexual offenders "Special Conditions" are listed as "Seek, Obtain, Maintain Employment, No contact with minors, No alcohol, Drug treatment, No contact with victim, Mandatory sex offender counseling program, Not to frequent places selling alcohol primarily for on site consumption, Submit to substance abuse testing, No drivers license, Curfew, No operation of a motor vehicle.

Sex offender registry tompkins county ny

Next you are taken to a simple search form. I have to say it was a shock to learn that Level 3 sex offenders live in neighborhoods I am familiar with, neither location that far from the school campus. Searching the registry is made simple, once you find the right link, which is not hidden, but is hard to find among many links provided.

Sex offender registry tompkins county ny

Sex offender registry tompkins county ny

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  1. But Shattuck said that offenders would just have to deal with the added restrictions, noting that they could come to the Town Hall during times when the Drop-In Center isn't operating. California has the highest number, with , registered.

  2. Three months later New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman signed the first state "Megan's Law," which mandates active community notification of the presence of sex offenders who pose a risk to public safety.