Sex offender registry doesnt work

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Wetterling, for her part, wondered if anything could have been done differently. Are re-entry plans revised to keep up with changes in circumstances of the offender?

Sex offender registry doesnt work

But it should not be ruled out in all cases for sex offenders, and its use likely deserves expansion. Notification helps attach an unnecessary stigma even to those convicted of only minor sex offenses.

Sex offender registry doesnt work

Sex offender registry doesnt work

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  1. That report joins a number of other studies that found no significant deterrent effect from the law.

  2. In , the last year for which data is available, there were kidnappings by strangers or slight acquaintances, some of which involved sexual assault, in a country of nearly 74 million children. All parents are horrified by the thought of their children being snatched from them and sexually abused.