Sex offender ordiance in citrus county

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Digital access or digital and print delivery. Sexual predator and sexual offender shelter means any shelter officially designated by the county or any municipality that is designated to house sexual predators or sexual offenders in times prior to, during and after the threat or occurrence of disaster. The child was the year-old daughter of a woman with whom he frequently partied and whom he hired for a promotional event.

Sex offender ordiance in citrus county

The part of the ordinance that "hurts the most" is the rule that predators must live at least 1, feet away from school bus stops, he said. For all other purposes, measurements shall run from the outermost property line of the school, day care center, park or playground, public library, church or other place of religious assembly. Brimer said many counties have proposed other rules in place of certain residency restrictions.

Sex offender ordiance in citrus county

Sex offender ordiance in citrus county

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  1. For purposes of this article, a day care center includes the parking lot, curtilage, yards, landscaped areas, playgrounds, accessory buildings and all outdoor areas of the facility. The original tent city off Reynolds Road in Auburndale included 18 offenders, mostly predators, but after the Sheriff's Office told them to move, the group split up.

  2. District 4 Commissioner Jean Reed, who was not elected at the time of the commission's vote, said she would be open to that discussion. And what of the stress of lacking a home, the depression that comes with loneliness and the anxiety of finding and maintaining a job?

  3. Many say they'd also like to see areas designated specifically for sex offender housing, and a more efficient system for finding approved residences.