Sex offender act michigan 2011

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For example, if a Defendant was convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct 3rd Degree in before the Sex Offender list was created , and the same Defendant is convicted in of Felonious Assault, the probation department has the discretion to register the offender for the offense. The change in the above status is supposed to be made within 3 days.

Sex offender act michigan 2011

The information must be verified by the offender with law enforcement at least 2 times a year: The probation department will register a previously unregistered offense brought to its attention by a new felony criminal offense. Changing Exclusion Zones Depending on How You Measure foot geographic zones drawn around each of three nested protected areas:

Sex offender act michigan 2011

Sex offender act michigan 2011

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  1. In , The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals declared that other portions of the law are unconstitutional and held that restrictions added to the law cannot be applied to people convicted before the changes went into effect.

  2. School exclusions zones apply to all registrants, even to those whose crime had nothing to do with children and who have never been found to be a danger to children.

  3. The probation department will abide by a discretion of the sentencing Judge to not require registration for cases resolved by plea bargain to a non sex offense.