Sex is not the end remix

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We used to try to see one when I was a boy scout. And of course, with so much concrete and asphalt, the water doesn't drain down to recharge the aquifer at the rate it once did. Taxes have gone crazy!

Sex is not the end remix

Nick Cannon is also featured in the music video as the DJ. The levels in Florida's Aquifers are dropping like a rock! It surely is not getting any hotter here as predicted well, he is either a bad liar or a poor scientist.

Sex is not the end remix

Sex is not the end remix

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  1. Many of us carry guns in our own homes or keep them where we can get to them in seconds when we hear something outside.

  2. It is deep enough to hold water run-off for 6 to 12 inches of rain for that property and many of them are deep enough to drown a small child, too - but that is yet another very sad and terrible story.

  3. We have taken most of their swamps and food away, and now, many of the idiots that live here have bought things like Anacondas, Cobras, Boa Constrictors, Komodo Dragons monitor lizards , and other nasty poisonous reptiles, and when they got too big to to be "pets" they just turned them lose in what is left of our wet lands, the Everglades, and in the lakes around Orlando and the St. Check this out - Heck, I'm considering it, myself!