Sex in the public toilet

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Terminology[ edit ] Several alternative terms are in use for unisex public toilets: Types[ edit ] Some unisex public toilets are designed to be used by people with disabilities.

Sex in the public toilet

Dave Anderson for Metro. Transgender and gender non-conforming persons also may be subject to embarrassment, harassment, or even assault or arrest by others offended by the presence of a person they interpret as being of a different anatomical sex to themselves. For non-work related restroom guidelines, the Department of Health and Human Services governs regulations.

Sex in the public toilet

Sex in the public toilet

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  1. Megan Stubbs recommends trying this one — if you're able to secure a semi-private bathroom that isn't a stall set-up.

  2. The organization states that this is more of an issue in restrooms that are designated for male use than those that are designated for female use. OSHA historically has not applied this law to transgender employees.