Sex in the family films

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This story about the loss of an exceptionally intelligent, loyal pet offers both joys and sorrows for animal lovers. But overall the plot and songs are easy enough for tweens to follow -- and with Zendaya and Zac Efron co-starring, the movie is likely to appeal to them. For kids 7 and under, scenes that deal with loss, separation, and kids and parents in peril are particularly unsettling, so be prepared to help them deal with the tough issues they see.

Sex in the family films

The racial slur "spooks" is used once, as is the word "damn. A married man spends a lot of time with an unmarried woman; she kisses him in public, even though he doesn't reciprocate.

Sex in the family films

Sex in the family films

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  1. Movies and TV shows can help children deal with fears they're bound to have at some point; if you talk about them together and help defuse these fears before they come up in real life, your kids will start to develop a solid foundation for coping with life's inevitable ups and downs.