Sex in the city massager

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To the uninitiated, it looked just like mom's old Magic Wand, with one notable exception: Trigger Point Management authors orthopedic surgeon Edward S. Hanson said she was instructed to purchase the Magic Wand but was advised to be cautious regarding its emotional and physical influence because it could have properties which could cause habit-forming dependency.

Sex in the city massager

In the 46 years since, this big, white hunk of plug-in plastic, which bears some resemblance to a bass drum mallet, has come to represent an awkward duality for many Americans. With the help of mainstream media, serious discussions about masturbation have moved from the confines of women's sexuality workshops to the national level.

Sex in the city massager

Sex in the city massager

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  1. As Maines points out, by the early s, there were dozens of models on the market, and their uses had expanded to include treatment for everything from arthritis and constipation to sore muscles. It's marketed and sold as a personal massager in department stores and pharmacies, while also serving as a trusted masturbation aid.