Sex in hospital in india

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Now comes a quicker and less cumbersome method of getting rid of a female child, by a modern technique known as amniocentesis. Blatant invitation This knowledge, bought for an amount of Rs , on occasions prompted the parents of a coming female child to walk into the nearest abortion clinic.

Sex in hospital in india

So that relative of the patient staying in night can stay in the other part of the room. To stoke the fire, reports began pouring in from various parts of the country that the tests were being used even in government-aided hospitals. In an unprecedented move last fortnight, it directed a district medical officer to initiate action against the doctor couple.

Sex in hospital in india

Sex in hospital in india

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  2. But droves of expectant mothers began using this facility to abort the birth of daughters. Last month, reports of what was going on at New Bhandari Hospital came under public gaze through newspapers.