Sex in advertising commercials newspaper articles

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For example, Kenco coffee has cleverly tapped into the newfound consumer interest in social politics, with adverts that suggest that drinking their coffee will rescue young men in Honduras from becoming gang members. Peta This is particularly true for charitable advertising. This is what has happened as a barrage of sexually-charged advertisements have become a permanent feature of the advertising landscape.

Sex in advertising commercials newspaper articles

Mel Exon is the managing director and Melanie Arrow is a strategy director at BBH London To get weekly news analysis, job alerts and event notifications direct to your inbox, sign up free for Media Network membership. Of course, this is difficult to deliver through traditional advertising. Advertising needs to catch up with society to the point where this award is redundant.

Sex in advertising commercials newspaper articles

Sex in advertising commercials newspaper articles

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  1. At least the Cannes Lions festival has managed to turn it into something positive, in the form of their new Glass Lion award , created this year to recognise advertising that shatters gender stereotypes.

  2. We have to applaud the Cannes Lion glass award for recognising the need to spur the advertising industry on with regards to gender. Plus, her hair really does look very healthy.

  3. Windows, vases, spectacles, marbles. Not only that, but the sexual ads can have a negative impact on how a brand is perceived.

  4. Even though Bodyform most definitely hit their advertising peak in the 80s all together now; Woooooah Bodyform this video response to a Facebook post on the Bodyform page is simply perfect — everything from the jug of blue liquid and clockwork orange-esque focus group footage to the fart. Numerous female celebrities have stripped for charities such as PETA, but it has been found that using sexualised imagery can be seen as dehumanising to women , leading to a subsequent decrease in support for the brands or companies in question.