Sex in a cop car

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They got into trouble in the first place, because a friend of theirs was passed out in a Whataburger franchise at 2 pm, The Houston Chronicle says. It's a feat that would impress the lascivious side of Harry Houdini.

Sex in a cop car

She said she watched Whitley shake his head and verbally disagree as prosecutors detailed their case. Davis told investigators that he met both women last fall as he approached them about becoming confidential informants while they looking to buy drugs, Philly. In Louisiana, a state police officer was suspended for hours without pay after he admitted to having sex in his patrol car with a woman on multiple occasions over a 16 months period.

Sex in a cop car

Sex in a cop car

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  1. He later met that woman for sex on at least two occasions, both of which involved drug use. Standing before the judge, Whitley said he regretted how things played out and apologized to the victims.

  2. Attorney Sarah Streicker argued that Whitley should receive an enhanced sentence of up to 25 years, in part, because he abused his power as a public servant.

  3. A city police officer in Phoenix, who is also son of the mayor , was suspended for four days after an internal investigation revealed he had inappropriately touched one woman and had sex with another while on-duty.

  4. Attorney Sarah Streicker argued that Whitley should receive an enhanced sentence of up to 25 years, in part, because he abused his power as a public servant.