Sex education and it s effects

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Unless these disparities are sorted out by someone, who is aware of the two ideologies, sex education at school can actually confuse the students more. It is much better to teach children about sexual health in school rather letting them use other resources, such as pornographic material and the internet.

Sex education and it s effects

Hedges and Olkin presented an extension of the Q statistic to test for homogeneity of effect sizes between classes QB and within classes QW Hedges and Olkin, Various studies suggest that effective sex education in schools prevents adolescents experimenting with sex.

Sex education and it s effects

Sex education and it s effects

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  1. Purpose of the study The present study consisted of a meta-analytic review of the research literature on the effectiveness of school-based sex education programs in the promotion of abstinent behavior implemented in the past 15 years in the US in the wake of the AIDS epidemic.