Sex education and gender identity

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The theory of gender identity, gender expression and the idea that there are more genders than just male and female directly contradict Christian anthropology of the human person. Extrapolating the current growth rate for infection tells us that by the time public health data becomes available, almost 1 out of every 3 actively gay men in Toronto will be infected with HIV. Keep in mind that at this age, children cannot legally give consent.

Sex education and gender identity

They feel comfortable approaching her with these topics not just because she is the Gay Straight Trans Alliance sponsor, but also because Beedle is transgender, herself. The district has since voted to re-introduce sex ed under a new curriculum.

Sex education and gender identity

Sex education and gender identity

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  1. Levin was charged by police with 7 child pornography related charges, and confessed to three of them.

  2. But for LGBTQ students, the stigma and risks associated with public school sex ed is even greater, because most schools simply ignore the topic of gender identity and LGBTQ sex ed in the curriculum, leaving many students physically and emotionally vulnerable. The curriculum makes no mention that anal intercourse, in the context of male-on-male sex, leads directly to the death of a large percentage of those who practice it, and is generally unhealthy for all practicioners.

  3. GLSEN has conducted research on no-promo homo laws. See excerpts below from Planned Parenthood's educational resources for year-olds.