Sex discrmination wal mart law suit findings

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On 27 October , the plaintiffs re-filed their complaint with the federal court in San Francisco, claiming gender bias on behalf of workers in California. Walmart appealed the class certification decision. Walmart petitioned the Supreme Court in August asking it to hear an appeal of the Ninth Circuit Court's ruling allowing this lawsuit to proceed as a class action.

Sex discrmination wal mart law suit findings

Female employees have sued Wal-Mart claiming that they were paid less than men to do the same job, and that they did not receive promotions. The lawsuit represents approximately 1.

Sex discrmination wal mart law suit findings

Sex discrmination wal mart law suit findings

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  1. The Court heard oral arguments in late March The company maintains that the claims should be handled individually or in smaller groups rather than as a class of more than one million women.

  2. In April , the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that this lawsuit could move forward to trial as a class action lawsuit.