Sex discrimination act 1995 1997

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State and Territory legislation generally establishes an Equal Opportunity Commissioner and an Equal Opportunity Tribunal for overseeing the operation of anti-discrimination legislation and handling relevant complaints. Where conciliation fails to resolve a complaint the President may refer it to the Equal Opportunity Tribunal.

Sex discrimination act 1995 1997

Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment is prohibited in employment by employers and employees, and partners in firms , in industrial organisations, by members of qualifying bodies, in educational institutions, in the provision of goods and services or accommodation, in clubs, or in local government. Under section 53 employers and principals are liable for unlawful acts of harassment committed by their employees or agents and this now covers volunteers and unpaid trainees.

Sex discrimination act 1995 1997

Sex discrimination act 1995 1997

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  1. The Commissioner is also empowered, on the application of a complainant, to provide legal or financial assistance in connection with an appeal to the Supreme Court from an order of the Tribunal s.

  2. Discrimination is also exempted on the ground of sexuality where an educational or other institution is administered in accordance with the precepts of a particular religion and the discrimination is based on those precepts. Introduction This paper focuses on the situation in of sex discrimination legislation throughout the States and Territories.

  3. In very limited circumstances, there are some jobs which can require that the job-holder is a man or a woman. Provision is made for appeal to the Supreme Court in relation to a question of law, by any party to proceedings before the Tribunal.

  4. Protected characteristics video This video introduces and explains the nine protected characteristics. Discrimination in advertisements and victimisation of a complainant or witness are unlawful.