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However, women in urban slum areas are less likely to seek four antenatal visits A workshop with 23 participants consisted of policy makers, researchers, program implementers was conducted to formulate recommendations. Victims, assailant, sexual assault, rape Abstract Introduction:

Sex dahka

To determine socio-demographic characteristics of alleged sexual assault cases in Dhaka city and to create public awareness of furious crime. In Bangladesh, a small country in Asia, approximately 0.

Sex dahka

Sex dahka

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  1. FSWs are at high risk of becoming pregnant because of their reproductive age, poor negotiation power for condom use, and the high number of clients they entertain. Moreover, the questionnaire was reviewed by experts in the field of sexual and reproductive health at icddr,b, Save the Children in Bangladesh and Chulalongkorn University.

  2. Commercial sex is not legal in Bangladesh, and as a result, there are limited services available in formal healthcare systems which are an important public health issue.

  3. Sexual assault is defined as sexual intercourse performed in a way which is against the provision of the law of the land. A literature review was undertaken by the principal investigator to formulate the questionnaire which contained questions on socio-demographic characteristics and SRH issues, such as- abortion, maternal healthcare and STIs.