Sex cells produced by meiosis

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The single cell then pinches in the middle to form two separate daughter cells each containing a full set of chromosomes within a nucleus. In meiosis I the sister chromatids stay together.

Sex cells produced by meiosis

The sister chromatids are then pulled to opposite poles due to the action of the meiotic spindle. I wrote this for a different answer, but it helps explain.

Sex cells produced by meiosis

Sex cells produced by meiosis

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  1. In this way, a sample of sperm represent literally millions of genetic samples of that person that are slightly variant at the level of genetics, and this difference allows for greater genetic variability and as is noted in the other answer, more evolution.

  2. Now there are two daughter cells, each with 23 chromosomes 23 pairs of chromatids. The Meiosis process is complex, and there are good reviews like wikipedia , but in cartoonish terms, imagine you take one book and open it to page 10, and you open the other book to page

  3. The DNA in the cell is copied resulting in two identical full sets of chromosomes. The chromosomes pair up so that both copies of chromosome 1 are together, both copies of chromosome 2 are together, and so on.