Sex and total ridge fingerprint

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Sex differences in fingerprint ridge density in the Mataco-Mataguayo population. The ridge count asymmetry between the left-right corresponding fingerprints for a subject was calculated, the asymmetry is 1 for a left-right corresponding fingerprint pair if the ridge count of the left fingerprint is greater than the right one, is —1 if it is smaller, and is 0 if both ridge counts are equal.

Sex and total ridge fingerprint

Pattern type was extracted manually for each fingerprint, and the pattern type concordance was calculated for the fingerprints of each left-right corresponding fingerprint pair for the subject, such that the concordance value is 1 if the corresponding fingerprints have the same pattern type, and is 0 otherwise, then the sum of the 5 fingerprint pairs concordance values was calculated. Variations in RD in the Amerindian population based on sex, age, and topology were confirmed in this work, and it is postulated that these variations are due to developmental differences among individuals and populations.

Sex and total ridge fingerprint

Sex and total ridge fingerprint

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  1. Illustration of the technique to count dermal ridges. Materials and Methods The samples for the present study consist of fingerprints from 50 khatri and 50 Banias 25 males and 25 females in both populations aged between 18—40 years.

  2. For finger prints from the right hand, this square was placed directly onto the upper left of the central core region.

  3. The following histograms have a horizontal axis of the feature values and a vertical axis of the number of cases sharing the same feature value. These values were compared to the tabulated t-values for corresponding degrees of freedom.

  4. Epub Oct From this, variance values were calculated and these were compared by using the in dependent t-test for unequal variances.

  5. Keywords Sex; Ridge density; Fingerprint; Northern Indian population Introduction Numerous researches have been carried out on the human population in the field of dermatoglyphics, which is one of the most precise activities within forensic science.