Sex and the mentally retarded

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Because primary care physicians are uniquely positioned in our society to identify and to prevent sexual abuse among these individuals, these health professionals must understand the possible medical and legal consequences of their clinical diagnoses in this population. Sexuality, rape, and mental retardation.

Sex and the mentally retarded

Knowledgeable primary care physicians in the front lines in our community are in a unique position to detect and prevent such sexual abuse, ideally before the case even reaches the courts. Such a separation was originally intended to protect the mentally retarded citizen but in practice has proven to isolate the victim, invoke stereotypes, and impede prosecution of sexual abuse cases. Preventing rape and sexual assault of people with learning disabilities.

Sex and the mentally retarded

Sex and the mentally retarded

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  1. Second, medical professionals shoulder an awesome responsibility in determining IQ and mental age assessments. It is essential that community physicians realize that the mentally retarded can be sexually active within a consensual setting and thus require adequate counseling and testing concerning sexually transmitted diseases.

  2. The physician should also note that the concept of mental age is falling out of favor with the legal community because it assumes a static state of development inconsistent with the documented ability of the mentally retarded to learn, adapt, and develop, albeit at a slower pace.