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Around 2 AM Friday morning President Boyd requested arrest of the students on the Pentacrest by highway patrolmen, but the next day he regretted the mass arrests and said he had received faulty information. This cemetery is supported by city taxes.

Sex and the city torrents

The Alpha Chi Omega house was nearly destroyed, though no one was injured and the building was later razed. The downtown business district as well as the eastern residential area and several parks suffered scattered damage of varying degrees. T was said to be at the top of a list of buildings for burning, probably due to its poor condition and was considered a firetrap.

Sex and the city torrents

Sex and the city torrents

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  1. Since its establishment, the cemetery has become the final resting place of many men and women important in the history of Iowa, of Iowa City and the University of Iowa.

  2. The staff is strongly committed to the maintenance and preservation of privately owned lots and accessories.