Sex and the city stagione

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Even though he was an amazing grifter he thought he was better than everyone else, smarter, quicker and more devious. The crew get to him through his year-old son, a hopeful but talentless rapper, keen to hit the big time.

Sex and the city stagione

Having changed her name in her youth, Georgina originally studied law before going into her current business, going so far as to evict her own parents from their home. She also rips off unwitting celebrities in the name of charity, all in cash.

Sex and the city stagione

Sex and the city stagione

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  1. Dale does discover he's being conned in this episode episode 5 , but Mickey and the gang still walk clean away with his money.

  2. He teams up with the crew when the Head of Security at Moore's Bank tries to force the crew to help catch him. The police have been after him for a while but they can never get anything on him.