Sex and the city mr rabbit

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Carrie tries to point out that they are middle-aged, but they keep going. When the ladies attended a tantric sex workshop, with a live display, things got a little messy—like Miranda gets a little more than she bargained for…on her face! When she went out with a "stand-up guy" who seemed nice, she found herself in a terrible spot.

Sex and the city mr rabbit

We don't know why, but this somehow made it so much more embarrassing. She ended things quickly because he did it repeatedly and never remembered.

Sex and the city mr rabbit

Sex and the city mr rabbit

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  1. Harry Evan Handler and Charlotte hooking up was so out of character which is why it's on this list. Go get our girl:

  2. It's humiliating and people walk by once the truck leaves so she is exposed fully Viewers couldn't deny the toy looked exciting, being able to simultaneously achieve clitoral and g-spot stimulation, and the deal was done when Charlotte gave this review.

  3. Big get into a massive fight up at Aidan's cabin which results in them rolling around in the mud. It was a serious OMG moment.

  4. At least you know where your next orgasm is coming from. It's been a long time since the series first debuted on HBO but the wild, crazy, sex-filled, friendship-focused series will always hold a special place in our hearts.