Sex and the city movie on dvd

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The Movie on September 23, An experience almost identical to watching a marathon of the HBO TV series only seemingly much, much longer , Sex and the City is a movie that requires no attention or patronage from most male viewers, which is probably why it's only vaguely tolerable to anyone other than the series' devoted but decidedly estrogen-driven fan base.

Sex and the city movie on dvd

It was co-written, produced and directed by Michael Patrick King. The only version of the film released on Blu-Ray is the two-disc extended cut, which is identical to the DVD version of the extended cut.

Sex and the city movie on dvd

Sex and the city movie on dvd

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  1. The feature also explores the relationship between the characters and their clothes and how each has a style all their own. Musical montages and faux hip-hop tracks by Fergie abound throughout the runtime, and they're the only elements of the sound mix likely to push your speakers.

  2. By Christopher Monfette As the female equivalent of a fan boy's favorite comic character come to life, it's probably more than fair to allow our sisters, girlfriends and wives their own geek meltdown moment with high-profile romantic comedies or those few franchises that actually appeal directly to women.

  3. After all, virtually all summer long they patiently suffer through one superhero movie after another, enduring displays of testosterone-filled wish-fulfillment as we drool over computer-generated special effects and action set pieces. Alle productspecificaties Productbeschrijving Sarah Jessica Parker keert terug naar haar glansrol als Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the city:

  4. The talk turns hateful. The 4-disc set features the previously released extended cut of the film on the first disc, the second disc has the bonus features from the extended cut and three additional featurettes, the third disc holds even more special features, and the fourth is a music CD with songs inspired by the movie, including the alternative mix of Fergie's " Labels or Love " from the beginning of the film.

  5. Fans are likely to find this more worthwhile and watchable than the commentary, and rightfully so, given that it covers all the right bases in must less time.