Sex and the city lunch

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Close several huge client deals. Exchange goods and services with UPS guy. Get fired by Lucy Liu for lying about Birkin bag.

Sex and the city lunch

Olive oil, butter, shallots, salt, brown sugar, garlic cloves, ricotta cheese, lemons, mozzarella cheese, thyme, blueberries most important! Need to work through lunch if I have any chance of grabbing drinks with them later. There are fewer ingredients to this delicious cocktail, but it's just as good!

Sex and the city lunch

Sex and the city lunch

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  1. It's also a jazz club. What better way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning than by sipping on your choice of tea in vintage china, of course and noshing on a scone?

  2. Need a good yogurt parfait recipe? We all know Carrie liked to put clothes in her oven rather than actually use it for its actual purpose.