Sex and the city guest star

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Eddie Cahill made his acting debut in Episode Four of Season Three, playing a twenty-something bisexual who Carrie starts dating. Note — Parts of this article first appeared in this post. In Season Two, Ian Kahn played one of the sweetest guys Carrie could hope to date, but she blew it when she ransacked his place trying to find evidence of some kind of freakiness.

Sex and the city guest star

Timothy Olyphant starred in Episode Four of the first season in one of his first acting roles , as a twenty-something who has a fling with Carrie. Hartnett, you completely destroyed the pause button on my remote.

Sex and the city guest star

Sex and the city guest star

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  1. Candice Bergen made three appearances as Vogue editor Enid, who cut Carrie down to size for her lack of shoe shilling skills, and would later compete with Carrie for the attention of Alexandr. Like the ladies, Stanford had his own dating misadventures, including a guy with a creepy doll obsession, but he seemed to hit the bullseye when he started dating good-hearted model and former escort Marcus.