Sex and society in nazi germany

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Together the contributions debate the motivations behind the purges. Timm, and Nikolaus Wachsmann.

Sex and society in nazi germany

As well as being a research library and housing a large archive, the Institute also included medical, psychological, and ethnological divisions, and a marriage and sex counseling office. The Nazis knew what attitudes and values they shared with many other Germans, and most of their targets were individuals and groups long regarded as outsiders, nuisances, or "problem cases.

Sex and society in nazi germany

Sex and society in nazi germany

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  1. As a consequence, many fled Germany including, for instance, Erika Mann. Timm, and Nikolaus Wachsmann.

  2. Communists, Jews, "Gypsies," foreign workers, prostitutes, criminals, homosexuals, and the homeless, unemployed, and chronically ill. This was then followed by stricter laws on homosexuality and the round-up of gay men.

  3. Transgender people were on the staff of the Institute, as well as being among the clients there. Various endocrinologic and surgical services were offered, including the first modern sex reassignment surgeries in the s.

  4. Many tens of thousands of arrestees found themselves, ultimately, in slave-labour or death camps. Karl Giese committed suicide in when the Germans invaded Czechoslovakia and his heir, lawyer Karl Fein, was murdered in during deportation.