Sex and large breasted women

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According to Young, the theory "just makes a lot of sense. This appears to have been confirmed by Lynn , who showed experimentally, for an American sample, that breast size matters more than breast shape in attractiveness rating.

Sex and large breasted women

Researchers have long speculated that humans evolved the fatty deposits around the female mammary glands for sexual reasons. Individuals who scored low on SOI, and thus pursue a long-term mating strategy, were described as sociosexually restricted.

Sex and large breasted women

Sex and large breasted women

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  1. Men are attracted to a number of physical characteristics in women, including youth cues, face shape, symmetry, waist-to-hip ratio WHR , distribution of fat reserves, and other secondary sexual traits Barber, ; Buss, ; Singh, , Shown here is the Venus of Willendorf , 28, B.