Sex and drugs in vagas

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Sandy Murphy bailed him out. Sandy threw the money right in his face. What Goes on Tour, published by Bantam Press, is out now.

Sex and drugs in vagas

It could be a rough ride. But there was a dark side. He tried to persuade her he owned the Horseshoe casino, but his inability to take her there because of the state suspension did not help his credibility.

Sex and drugs in vagas

Sex and drugs in vagas

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  1. He was a virtual clone of his father, a man who loved gambling, drugs, alcohol and beautiful women, preferably simultaneously but otherwise in that order. He fled to Las Vegas two steps ahead of a double murder rap and started over.

  2. His beautiful wife, Doris, had become tired of regular beatings and walked out, taking their teenage daughter.

  3. And her trial — a serpentine tale of sex, drugs, greed, buried treasure and violence — has been keeping a jury spellbound for three weeks.

  4. Next, it was the controversial former New York medical examiner Michael Baden who provided the clinching evidence for prosecutors.