Sex and drugs in amsterdam

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These are clever business women and they make a lot of money. According to our guide, this brothel was recently closed down because the owners were found to be involved with money laundering and sex trafficking. It is a world where there are fewer rules but also fewer criminal convictions.

Sex and drugs in amsterdam

Monica has recently had her second baby and is determined to prove that travelling with a baby is possible! I found it quite upsetting to see women standing in their windows in their underwear, trying to catch the eye of any man walking past and beckoning them into their room. The first gay bar in Holland and the second gay bar in the world.

Sex and drugs in amsterdam

Sex and drugs in amsterdam

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  1. Prostitute Information Centre The Prostitute Information Centre , or the PIC for short, was opened in to give more information about prostitution in Amsterdam and help protect and defend female sex workers.

  2. I never was afraid to go to my parents to talk about these issues, which I feel made me a lot more responsible and thoughtful as an adult. An old brothel turned into an art space.

  3. The police are actively involved in protecting the ladies who all have panic buttons. Sex and Drugs in Amsterdam April 23, by TheTravelHack While we all know that Amsterdam is a beautiful city filled with historic buildings and an abundance of culture, the majority of tourists that flock there go for the sex, drugs and infamous Red Light District.