Sex after loosing mucous plug

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Dilation Effacement and dilation are two major signs that labor is impending. Your doctor or healthcare provider wants you and your baby to stay healthy and safe. Many are concerned with their activity level after losing their plug.

Sex after loosing mucous plug

These descriptors can help your doctor direct you on what to do next. Some pregnant women may also lose their mucus plug after a cervical exam, which can cause the mucus plug to dislodge, or during sexual intercourse, which can cause the mucus plug to loosen and break free. You should also contact your doctor if your mucus plug is green or foul smelling, as this could indicate a potential infection.

Sex after loosing mucous plug

Sex after loosing mucous plug

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  1. The plug comes out when the cervix increases in size. But you could lose your mucus plug, and still carry your baby for several more weeks.

  2. Some care providers may want you to call - even after hours, and some may say to wait until morning. Symptoms and signs of labor include the following.