Sex advice for the virgin bride

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Know yourself Once you have got the confusing implications about virginity out of the way, it is time to take care of the practical details about preparing for your wedding night. The key in all of this is to enjoy yourselves as a couple.

Sex advice for the virgin bride

Vagina, Clitoris, or Glans of penis see my in-depth explanation of the vagina and clitoris , to familiarize yourself with male plumbing, here is a good diagram at The Marriage Bed. Last Thoughts I want you to know, sweet young bride, that everything is going to be OK. Do you know where your clitoris is and your G-spot?

Sex advice for the virgin bride

Sex advice for the virgin bride

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  1. And burn the sight of your husband's face the first time he experiences this in your memory — I know it will never leave mine — wow! Consider whether you would like to go for a Brazilian — men differ according to their preferences in women but a good working rule is to make yourself as fuzz-free as possible.